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Course Development

The proverbial "sky is the limit" when it comes to eLearning course development. The secret is knowing what features/functions/interactions are best for each individual instance. It is best to use only those that will enhance the learner's experience and assist most effectively with learner absorption of the content. Very soon, we will be posting a few sample courses that Insight Learning Elements has developed to showcase some of those features/functions and interactions.
Corporate/Industry Courses

We can develop courses for company orientations, job specific tasks, safety training, industry accrediation, and so on.

Elementary/Jr & Sr High Courses

More and more schools are incorporating online learning and various online tools into their everyday teaching.

General Interest Courses

We have assisted with a wide range of general instrest courses – anything from heral healing to self-development soft skills.


Insight Learning Elements can provide a number of services to assist any organization (big, small, or in between) with delivering their learning in an online learning environment.
Let us be your guide to the world of eLearning

By combining a knowledge of adult learning principles, an understanding of instructional design, and technical aptitude for learning management systems (such as Moodle) the end result is an eLearning experience for learners that is engaging, interactive and valuable. Insight Learning Elements Inc. will work with you to create your eLearning environment based on your defined requirements, or help you to design those requirements. Learning can be designed for traditional face-to-face, online, or blended learning models.

  • LMS Deployment
  • Course Development
  • Program Management
  • SCORM Development


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